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Activity Safety Guidelines for Adventure Activities

Activity Safety Guidelines (ASGs) are for high risk activities including those covered by the Adventure Activities Regulations. They are voluntary guidelines that reflect what the regulator and industry have agreed is good practice for managing safety.

ASGs are developed with extensive industry input, technical expert guidance and WorkSafe NZ support. They are highly regarded as a reliable source of good practice information. ASGs need to be thoughtfully applied to each operation and must be used in conjunction with expert advice.

Download the ASGs 

About the ASGs

ASG's are developed according to a model established by Industry with the support of WorkSafe NZ in 2012. For information on how the model is used, download the following documents:

ASG review schedule

  • 2018: Canyoning, Caving, Coasteering, Abseiling - these reviews are currently underway, please contact us if you want to be involved
  • 2019: Indoor climbing, Alpine Hiking, Heli-skiing

While ASGs undergo scheduled reviews, feedback is welcome at any time. Please contact us